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Private Jet

Private Jet Charter

Star Jets International is the best source for you to find all of your Private Jet Charter needs.  Star Jets International has access to over 5,000 aircraft domestically and over 14,000 aircraft worldwide.  Our philosophy is very simple, because we are brokers, we work for you, the client, and not the aircraft owner.  We have…

Private Charter

Aircraft Sales

Star Jets International has been involved in many Aircraft transactions.  We have assisted clients in purchasing aircraft, selling aircraft and placing their aircraft with Management Companies that meet their needs.  We have access to all aircraft that are available for purchase and can source many options for you.  Please call us for any of your…

Sky Card

Sky Cards

For clients who fly more than once in a while, Star Jets International offers 2 types of Skycards, the 25 Hour card and the regular Skycard.  The Skycard Program works like a debit card in denominations of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000.  The Skycard Program offers you the flexibility to change your aircraft for…

private charter airplane in Hangar

Aircraft Management

Star Jets International is an expert at placing your aircraft with a Management Company that can provide you the exact services that you are looking for for your aircraft.  Whether you have a Gulfstream, a Falcon, a Challenger, a Citation, a Hawker or any other type of aircraft, we will identify the perfect management company for your needs.  We…

Private Flight

Concierge Services

Star Jets International offers only the best in Concierge Services around the world.  Whether you want Nobu, Danielle, White Castle hamburgers or any other special restaurant cuisine or special catering on board, we can arrange it. We offer car services, exotic car rentals, Broadway show tickets, Villa rentals, Yacht charters, restaurant reservations and anything else your heart desires. …

Private Jet

Empty Legs

Star Jets International is your number one option for Empty Legs.  Through our extensive relationships with operators and Star Jets International’s various computer systems, we have access to every available Empty Leg around the world at all times.  In fact, you can sign up for our Empty Leg list and input popular routes that you…

Private Cargo

Air Cargo Charter

Star Jets International has extensive experience transporting Air Cargo.  In the past we have transported art, precious metals, animals, and almost whatever you can think of.  Star Jets International has access to all types of cargo aircraft and private aircraft that are also available for Air Cargo charter.  Please call our representatives for Air Cargo…

Private Jet Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Star Jets International has vast experience in Air Ambulance charters.   We have done 1000’s of organ transplant flights for hospitals, doctors and patients, including hearts and lungs.  We have moved organs to doctors, doctors to the organs, and patients to organs or hospitals.  We have transported passengers with all types of medical conditions.  We have…

Private Helicopter

Helicopter Charter

Star Jets International is your best alternative for Helicopter Charters. In fact, Star Jets International was started by individuals who took Helicopters from New York City to The Hamptons for many years over the summer. Star Jets International has access to the most extensive fleets of helicopters, from Bell Jet Rangers, Eurocopters, Sikorsky’s and Bell…

Jumbo Jet

Jumbo Jet Charter

Executives at Star Jets International have tremendous experience in Jumbo Jet Charters.  We have flown team planes for 30 – 50 passengers, Boeing 737 and Airbus A319/320 for 125 passengers, Boeing 757’s for 250 passengers and even 747’s for 500 passengers.  In addition, Star Jets International has access to Executive configuration VIP aircraft with bedrooms,…

Private Jet

On Demand Charter

Star Jets International is your leading source for On Demand Charters.  Star Jets Executives have been in private aviation since 2001.  As private jet flyers, they started this business because of the lack of options available to the customers and the lack of flexibility to change your aircraft for each specific trip.  Star Jets Intl.…

Private Yacht

Yacht Charter

Worldwide Yacht Charters – Star Jets International is your premier choice for all of your private aviation needs, also with the best choices for Private Yachts. We partnered with the largest and best brokers in the world for yacht charters and can accommodate any request.  Whether you’re looking for a yacht in the Caribbean, Mediterranean,…


Maldives - North Indian Ocean Atoll

Maldives – Indian Ocean

Next Stop: Private Charter flight to the sparkling gem of the Indian Ocean – the Maldives,   a breathtaking chain of 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks situated in the North Central Indian Ocean.         The one-of-a-kind property we recommend to our Private Charter clients is the COMO Maalifushi, the only resort in…

Awasi Atacama – Chile

Next Stop: Chile’s Atacama Desert Your hotel Awasi Atacama Awasi meaning “at home” in the local kunza language, was created to continue the noble task of sheltering travelers and enriching their connection with the incredible culture and landscape of the Atacama Desert.   The lodge reflects the traditional style of the Atacama people featuring round…

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a prime Private Jet destination in the coastal town of the Principality of Monaco, the smaller neighbor to the French Riviera on the Cote-d’Azur. While Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, only to the Vatican, it has plenty of luxury, indulgence and entertainment to offer. When it comes to…

The Hamptons

The Hamptons are a popular Private Flight destination and nothing is more synonymous to a New York summer than going “out east”. While you can take a painfully long, traffic-ridden car ride and endlessly stopping train, the right way to travel to The Hamptons is via your very own private charter. No delays, direct to…

Cannes, France

Cannes France is a glamour Private Jet destination renowned for its annual film festival that dots the destination with jet-set stars and talent from around the world, is a prime destination for your next summer charter getaway. The year-around resort town is a star in itself on the Cote d’Azur and truly shines during the…

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a desirable Private Jet destination for the summer, which means sand, sun and suntanning in the sand. Is that just us? No, we didn’t think so. It’s the time of year when you take holiday in arguably some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. For ease of travel, fly…

private charter flight destination

New York City

New York City the Private Jet Travel hub is known by many names – capital of the world, city that never sleeps, make it here make it anywhere, city so nice they named it “Twice – New York, New York” – and thus there are myriad of suggestions for where to eat, stay and shop.…

private charter flight destination

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is just a private charter flight away from The East Coast, where the East Coast/West Coast rivalry goes back as far as New Yorkers and Angelinos can remember. But with stays, tastes, and shops like these, it’s a pretty close call. So what will it be, Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue? Because the restaurant…

private charter flight destination

Aspen, Colorado

When it comes to Private Flyer ski retreats or luxe summer getaways in the mountains, Aspen, Colorado is undoubtedly the cream of the crop. The scenery is self-explanatory, especially as your private flight descends amongst the peaks, and the activities are year-round (mountain) top notch. Whether for snow or sun or just for the scenery, here…

private charter flight destination

Washington DC

Washington, D.C., America’s capital is a Private Flight hub being a quintessential experience for any American and foreigner alike. Whilst not the most glamorous destination for a private jet flight, it’s an important part of culture, history and government that can be equal parts enjoyable and educational. But like even the glitzy cities – LA,…

private charter flight destination

Miami, Florida

You’re going to Miami – by private charter of course – and want to hit the hot spots. While there are many, you want more than the any ol’ beachfront villa or 5-star restaurant.. For the in-the-know info. on where to stay, eat and explore the next time you jet to Miami, go no further.…

private charter flight destination

St. Barts

Private Jet travelers are greeted to a Bienvenue (welcome) to the French-speaking Caribbean island of St. Barts, located closest to Anguilla and part of the French West Indies. The island is known for an exclusive mix of visitors, and no wonder given the luxurious properties and parties it hosts. To decipher through all the vacation…

private charter flight destination

St. Tropez

As your private charter jet descends onto St. Tropez, a sea of yachts will welcome you to this glam destination in the French Riviera. What was once a quiet fishing village is no longer thanks to a lively nightlife scene and the most perfect of Mediterranean beaches. This Cote d’Azur hot spot will surely please…

private charter flight destination


London is a bespoke Private Flight destination, and might sound like a city of predictability. We’ve been there, seen the bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham. Now what? Let’s start with a private jet flight across the Atlantic or the Channel and a hotel that was accommodation to many a guest from the Royal Wedding. While…

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